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You can also purchase on site at our ticket booth at the event.
You will have your own line to check in at our ticket booth.
(We accept Cash and all major Credit Cards. No Checks. )



VIP (fast pass)

If Purchasing Online: You must still check in at our ticket booth with either a printed copy or on your phone entrance pass.
There is a separate line at our entrance for all online tickets to make it go faster for you.
If you have any issues please
contact us here.

  General Admission


Group Discount Info
Group must be 20 or more people
$3.00 off each ticket of choice (General or VIP)
Purchase can only be done on site at our ticket booth
To receive discount, purchase must be made in one Transaction/no splits.
Please be courteous to others and have only 1 or 2 ppl in your group stand in the ticket line. All others part of the group please wait outside the line. Thank you.

First Responder/Military Discount Info
First responders are: EMS/Police/Fire/Dispatch for one of the 3.
Active or Veteran Military

$3.00 off your single ticket of choice (General or VIP)
Person MUST SHOW ID at ticket booth.
Discount is only per ID, not for group.


Helpful Tips when planning your night.

Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest nights during Halloween Season at any attraction.Lines can be 1-4 hours long waits due to being open for one month out of the year. We do not shove people through as we want every group to enjoy themselves. Thursdays and Sundays are less wait times if that works best for you. Otherwise we appreciate your patience on our busier nights as we strive to give the best show in the one month we have to open it for your enjoyment. Enjoy our concessions and short film movie entertainment along side our Q-line creatures.

In case of an emergency on our long nights you are welcome to bring your tickets on another night we are open for the same season. Please do not lose them however as they can not be replaced and there are no refunds. We want you to have the best night with us !


This is an outdoor attraction: If we have to cancel our show due to weather, all pre purchased tickets for that night will be valid for any one night we are open during that same season. Please see our Facebook page for immediate Closer information. 99% of the time we open for at least the first hour of a rainy night. So plan to come early if the weather says rain.

It also may be raining everywhere but at our location so keep track of our constant updates on facebook.

You can always upgrade to Vip once you arrive to see how busy it is when you get there.

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