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Our Ticket booth opens Aprox. 10-15 min prior to our Show Start time.

You may arrive in our parking lot early, average is about 1-1.5 hours before ticket booth opens on busy nights.

Please do not leave your vehicle abandoned  in our parking lot before we open for our show. (going to the bathroom, getting in the ticket line are exceptions).

Please do not leave the car parked early to go to dinner etc, your car may be subject to being towed (at your expense) if we can not locate you before our show starts or after show ends.

Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest.

Thursdays and Sundays are the shorter wait times.


We have major things happening! 

- Enjoy our Concessions.

-Grab some Fun Merchandise.

-Play games in line like Heads up.

-Enjoy Line Entertainment including Q-line creatures and Movies on our Mansion.

-We do not Conga Line.


-We send groups in every minute, lines may get longer based on the pace of groups, (those who get Frozen in fear or other issues that may take place).

-Please split up groups to 7/8 people max for our creatures safety and a more enjoyable time for you.

-Dress correctly for outdoor trails and weather.

-No Refunds

-If you come on a busy night and something comes up you may bring your ticket for any other night we are open that same season.

-Security is on Site at all times

-Please see "Faq" page for more info.

-See Ticket page for more "planning your night".

Thank you for spending your Halloween night with us!

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