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Husband and Wife, Byron and Marie Butler reside in Pinckney, MI.

Byron was born and raised in South Carolina and Marie has lived in Livingston County most of her life.

The two met through a mutual friend who moved from MI to SC.


 They started dating in 2008. Byron was in the program to be a Paramedic in SC and Marie was going to college to become a graphic designer in MI. For 4 years they did long distance.

In 2012 Byron moved to MI and they were married.

Although both love the fall, Marie is the Halloween Fan of the two. Since she was a little girl she has loved all things Halloween. As a young girl her mom would make her costumes and do her makeup each year to enjoy the night out trick or treating, as she got older, Marie would scare people on her parents porch and attend every haunted house she could.

In 2014 Marie got involved in working in Haunted houses. She learned a lot of behind the scenes, not only with acting but also with the many hours, days and months of volunteer time she did helping build sets for the attraction.

In 2015 Marie was given the opportunity by Dean and Cindy Broadbent to turn one of their small “huts” in the forest into, Frankenstein’s Laboratory. Which is still part of the show to this day!

Marie continued with volunteering and helping out at different Haunted Attractions and learning and helping all she could. 

Each year she attends multiple Halloween conventions and events, taking seminars, practicing makeups and getting incite on the, “what’s new”.

Marie also does special effects makeup with air brush and body paint. You can follow her on different Social Media Platforms to see her new Makeups she does on herself and others.

Marie’s Husband, Byron has always been super supportive of Marie’s Halloween passion and has always encouraged her to follow her dream. The dream being to own and operate her very own Haunted Attraction.

Fun Facts:

-Byron and Marie spent their Honeymoon in Disney World during Halloween of 2012

-Marie’s Moms birthday is Halloween

-Byron comes up with some amazing haunted house ideas.

-Byron is better at carving pumpkins

-Marie begged Byron to work one night as a scare actor as they were missing a lot of actors that evening. He did it. 

-Byron’s favorite dessert Marie makes are her Chocolate and Caramel covered Apples.

-Marie was a lead actor in a movie, “Inflicted” that premiered at Emagine Theaters.

-Marie did a zombie commercial, was in a youtube web series episode as a mutant and was an actor in a movie staring, Nathan Matthers (Eminems brother).

-Byron was on the Volunteer Fire Department in SC and a Paramedic, him and some of his co-workers volunteered as Scare actors in a small Haunted house for a couple years.

-Marie has been building things since she was a little girl and was always making stuff using her dads tools and materials in his workshop. Her dad had to replace a lot of things.

-Byron is a Critical Care Paramedic and during Halloween in between calls he loves to ride around in the ambulance wearing a Halloween mask.


We know how much joy Terrorfied Forest brings people each year and make it a tradition in their fall plans.

On top of Marie and Byrons every day jobs. It takes a full year to get ready for each season.

Maries goal is to bring her Halloween visions to life with new and ever changing experiences to everyone who comes to the Forest. All good things take time and Marie has many new and exciting things planned for the years to come.

Byron and Marie thank each and every one of you who come to the Forest!

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