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Join the Flyer Paranormal team at Terrorfied Forest for a really unique event!


Terrorfied Forest opened their forest for an exclusive tour to Flyer Paranormal in 2021, the night did not disappoint. With Flyer Paranormal, we decided to open our forest in 2022 to the public for a private small tour through both our Manor that was closed down in 2019 and through some spots in our forest where many interactions have taken place.

What to expect:

To start, you will get to hear some experiences that some of the team of both Terrorfied Forest and Flyer Paranormal have had here as well as listen to some past recordings. 

This is a limited ticket event with only 20 tickets per time slot. Each time slot of 20 will be split into a group of 10 where you will have 1.5 hours to explore the manor, upstairs where the death of an old family member took place and the basement where you will learn why we at Terrorfied and those who have visited don't like to go down there.  

The next 1.5 hours the groups will switch, you will then spend this time in our cemetary. If you look at the image below, this was captured at our last private event in 2022 and could not be explained. 

Your entire tour will be guided by Flyer Paranormal who will be providing equipment while on site, however you are welcome to bring your own investigating equipment. The only thing not allowed during this investigation is a ouija board for the respect of the property.

Water will be provided along with bug spray, you may bring your own non alcoholic beverages, flashlights, chairs and bug spray if you wish. 

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